NYFW Street Style – Outrageously Fashionable

I originally scheduled for this post for later today, but I thought I’d push it up to ride the ‘freshly pressed‘ wave of viewers.

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5 thoughts on “NYFW Street Style – Outrageously Fashionable

  1. HI! I noticed your self-portrait in front of the cannon at Pratt. Are you a student there? I am enrolled in the Library and Information Science masters program there and was delighted to come across the self portrait. I think you can layer very well! Your photographs are beautiful! Keep it up!

    • Hi Beatrice! And yes and no, I did study Architecture at Pratt, I’m officially taking a year off at the moment (although I doubt I’ll go back), and I live right down the street from Higgins on Saint James. Small world, haha. And thanks so much!

    • I overheard that the one with piercings is a fashion designer that just put out his third line of clothing, but I have no idea beyond that. Will try to find out, though.

      (And they are definitely memorable, haha)

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