Author & Photographer of DelusionbyDesign

Ask a hundred people about something, and you would probably get a hundred answers. Delusions by Design was created by Erfu in an attempt to show how our life stories can differ thanks to our surroundings and influences throughout our lives.

About the Author:

Erfu is a photographer/visual artist based in the New York City area who specializes in photojournalism and fine art photography. His work is available for both exhibition and sale, and he is always looking for both new commissioned and collaborative opportunities.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. I think your art is fabulous and full of passion….very worldly and cosmopolitan….excellent take on life and living!!!!!

    • Thanks so much! It was taken 80% out of luck (I had no idea the focus would be on the rock, since I couldn’t see the viewfinder from the angle of the camera at all).

  2. i came across your blog on the wordpress photography tagged blogs and i have to admit i really enjoy your photos. good street photography and fashion shots. i see you skate too, i too skate and do photography. again nice website and keep up the good work!

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