A Memoir from a Long-Forgotten Past

People thrift for a lot of reasons. Some thrift for bargains, some view thrifting as a source of creativity, etc. Personally, I thrift for memories. And today, I found one.

The contents are self-explanatory, but one could literally spend years imagining how a card like this ended up in a thrift store in Brooklyn, who the mystery couple is, how they met (maybe Kent caught ‘S’ taking a picture of him), and where they are today. And I for one would love to see more of S’ photography.

Found at the Project Hope thrift store in Fort Greene.

2 thoughts on “A Memoir from a Long-Forgotten Past

  1. You could actually scan that card and crop it to the photo, then upload it to google’s image search to find where that photos from. That would probably yield who it is too.

    I’ve actually tried that, but the database (as accurate as it is) is still really inaccurate. So unless a photo is really famous – and this one isn’t – it’s almost impossible to find it.

  2. Wow! Lost for words. The sentiments and feelings of that card are filled with so much emotion any words I would add would do it dis-service.

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