NYFW Designer Spotlight – Son Jung Wan

Unfortunately, this is actually not about the Son Jung Wan F/W 2012 Collection, since I couldn’t get credentials for any MB Fashion Shows this spring.

But it’s great when the designers puts enough creativity into their goodie bags that everybody who gets the bags (or in this case, boxes) acts as human advertisements for the designer long after the show has ended.

Son Jung Wan did it perfectly this spring by:

  • Having a box that’s big enough so it wouldn’t fit into many, if any bags.
  • Having a box in the first place as opposed to having a goodie bag, since people carry boxes a lot differently than they do bags.
  • Coloring the box bright red to attract immediate attention in a place where 95% of the people are wearing darker colors.
  • Making the box sturdy and expensive enough so that people won’t just take the scarf inside, and throw the box into the first garbage can.
  • Lastly, printing his name in a very readable san-serif font and in the perfect size for just the right amount of attention without being obnoxious.
All in all, a very well-thought-out way of marketing via. goodie bags, and definitely something for a lot of other designers to think about for the September fashion week. Because out of all the designer goodie bags I saw over the two days that I was at Lincoln Center, Son Jung Wan’s is the only one that I still remember (or rather, the only one that I even really noticed).

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