NYFW Street Style – Grayed Brows

Some pictures taken with my 35mm lens, I’m still slightly adverse to ‘getting in people’s faces’ (unless you’re paying me to) as a photojournalist, so many of the 35mm photographs are more ‘from a mile away’ than ‘close and personal’.

2 thoughts on “NYFW Street Style – Grayed Brows

  1. Hey, It’s me again…Beatrice Bangs. I don’t know if you care about this kind of feed back or not… but I wish I didn’t have to click the “more” link to see more of your beautiful photos.
    Just a thought, no harm meant by it.
    On another thought: How brave you must be for taking photos! Congratulations and thank you for your courage.

    • Hi Beatrice,

      No, I certainly appreciate all kinds of feedback (especially constructive ones like yours), I’ve definitely been considering other alternatives (I started by not having the ‘more’ button at all and showing all the pictures in a post on the front page, but the load time for someone with an average wifi speed becomes insane when I do an occasional huge post with a dozen pictures). I’ll probably switch to a slideshow/gallery styled format – similar to what Garance Dore has on her blog – soon, and I think your comment just nudged its priority to the top =]

      And thank you so much, although I think it’s much easier in New York City, where a lot of people (especially the ones in the fashion industry who are the pioneers and adventurers of fashion) are very used to getting their pictures taken. And since my shooting style is the exact opposite of Ron Galella, it’s very easy to photograph people, since most of the time, they aren’t even aware that they’re being photographed.

      Thanks again for the comments, please don’t hesitate if you have any more suggestions or feedback!

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