NYFW Street Style – Hot and Cold

When I started catching up on other people’s blogs earlier today, I realized that I had missed both Scott Schuman and Chiarra Ferragni (really the only street/fashion photography bloggers I frequent besides 21eme arrondissement) at Lincoln Center yesterday. C’est la vie.

Also, I saw the same guy I photographed for the blinders post yesterday, and he was wearing the exact same outfit. Fashion faux-pas, anyone?

70 thoughts on “NYFW Street Style – Hot and Cold

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  3. Awesome Picture! I agree with a lot of other readers. You are so lucky to be there right now. I only live 2 hours out of the City and I would give anything to snap pics like this. Great post 🙂

  4. At age 60, I would be institutio­nalized if I walked thru town in a 10″ skirt, tights, and stalettos. Is there anything available for us? It must be generation­al, but I think anyone over age 5 should wear more than a thigh-high skirt.

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