I’ve been shooting almost exclusively with a 80-200mm telephoto lens at Lincoln Center. And the only thing I hate is when the photographers with the smaller focal lengths – which is pretty much everyone else – swarm like locusts to someone. The perfect half-moon crescent they form around the front is cool to look at, but a pain in the butt to photograph through. I need to start using my 50mm more, but I really love having the ability to cover half the courtyard in a single place.

And don’t even get me started on that photographer that wants ‘a closeup of just the bag’ and ruins everybody else’s shot. Isn’t that why we have zoom lens?

2 thoughts on “Swarmed.

  1. I love shooting other photographers shooting something. This is a perfect example. I would love having a 80-200 lens. I’m one of those smaller lens photographers. Not by choice so much as by limited budget. I always want the expensive glass and therefore I’m waiting for a 85 1.4.

    • I love photographing photographers too. Especially when they contort themselves into awkward poses and positions to get ‘the shot’. A 80-200 definitely opens up a lot of possibilities – and it’s also definitely insanely expensive (mine costs more than my camera). But it’s worth every penny.

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