Losing the Grip on Reality

Losing the grip on reality, some people are.

I came across this UrbanBaby thread thanks to Gothamist, and well, it’s basically a thread on the annual House Hold Income of people across the country, and whether they feel rich, poor, middle class, etc. And some answers are truly horrific. As this is the internet, I’m sure quite a few of the answers were posted by regular forum trolls looking for a laugh, but there has to be some truth in it, too.

As someone who has no kids, no mortgage and a regular job (well, jobs), I manage to pay rent, student loans and all my bills on time, and still have enough money left over to buy new camera equipment now and then, and eat whatever I want to eat. I don’t make enough to travel the world or buy that gorgeous new Mercedes, but that’s fine, I’m only 19, and I have a whole life in front of me (and I think I’m doing pretty damned well for someone who’s only been doing Photography full-time for really, only four months). So when I see couples who are making less than five figures a year raising two kids on food stamps and barely getting by, I feel lucky. Au contraire, I’m disgusted when I see couples who make over seven figures and owns two homes whine about how they can’t afford to send both of their kids to that top notch private preschool and feels ‘poor’.

Some people need to reevaluate their priorities and get real.

Anyway, I finally got my SpottinStyle business cards in the mail today, and even though I’m starting full-time with Ladies Outfitters next Monday (and I probably won’t be able to make it to the (capsule) men’s show, which makes me sad), I hope I’ll have enough time to contribute to SpottinStyle (as well as shoot pictures for this blog, of course).

On a final note, New York Annual No Pants Subway Ride tomorrow!

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