A Blast from the Past

So a few minutes ago, I decided to go through all of my pictures. Back from the beginning.

And god, did my photography blew back in 08′.

It royally sucked. All the pictures taken back when I first got my camera were atrocities. Well, 99% of them, anyway, there were a few where I lucked out and got everything ‘just so’. But that was the days when I shot on full-auto, with a kit lens and hands that weren’t used to carrying a relatively heavy camera compared to all the lightweight pocket cameras, so most of them were disastrously under/overexposed, with horrible composition and focus that would make sense if I took half a dozen shots before I looked at them.

They made me want to claw my eyes out.

So I’m glad I’m a bit better now.

And a picture from about five years ago after the cut. Just because.

Your thoughts:

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