Boutique Thrift Fort Greene

I was in a car when I spotted this seemingly little thrift store a few months ago, and I haven’t gotten a chance to visit it until today. It looks rather small from the outside, especially compared to the huge Goodwill warehouses, but they utilizes their space well, and there are two floors, so the floor space is essentially doubled. The stairs to the bottom one is tucked away in the corner by the entrance and very easy to overlook, I actually totally forgot about visiting the basement level until I started writing this blog five minutes ago. Ah well, next time.

Without further ado, here are the pictures.

Boutique Thrift has the largest collection of men’s ties that I’ve seen by far in any thrift store. There are literally over a hundred ties draped on top and around one another on a tiny rack in a dark back corner. If you’re a tie person, go check it out.

I almost bought this pink bowtie, just because.

Boutique Thrift’s address is 469 Vanderbilt Avenue (on the corner of Vanderbilt and Gates).

P.S. All the revenue from the business are given to Project Hope (the full name of the store is actually Project Hope Boutique Thrift).

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